December 2018 - the Christmas one

Monday, December 24, 2018



















Greetings from a very warm and sunny Guinea!

...and a very Merry Christmas to you all!


A short update from us this month, as there will be plenty to tell you in January. Amy is in the middle of putting her thoughts on her trip to Madagascar down in a blog post. When it's published, we will be sure to let you know! The short version is she had a very good time attending her former translator's graduation. We are very proud of Sendra, and we look forward to seeing what this great man will accomplish in his future.

While Amy was in Madagascar, Louis and I spent 12 days acting like boys on the ship! I took some time off work to look after Louis, which was an experience for the both of us. It was an incredible bonding time, and we had a lot of fun. It was actually a very emotional time, without Amy here, and with us both missing her very much.

The plan was for me not to work very much, but the other Mum's were very good at looking after Louis while I attended to a few things, including the President of Guinea giving us very little notice that he was coming to visit. All in all, a good time had by all, and I am very thankful to everyone who helped out.

We will be staying on board for Christmas, joining the community in celebrating. Surgeries & courses have stopped for two weeks, and a lot of Crew left this last weekend, some for holiday, some at the end of their commitment. It's a big season of change on board, but we will (hopefully) have some rest in these two weeks.

And thank you for all for your support this year. We started the year not knowing if we would return to the ship, and here we are, and have been here a few months already. Crazy to think about it!


So for now we will leave you to your Christmas, whatever you're doing, wherever you are, and whoever you're with. It's a special time to focus on why we celebrate this season, forgetting everything that distracts us.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


the Joneses xxx




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